for managers, medical and sales representatives in pharmaceutical companies, that do marketing/detailing of drugs (Rx, OTCs), food supplements and cosmetics, report calls and call activities (marketing and merchandising) to physicians and pharmacies, manage and analyze sales data and place orders to drug wholesalers

  • Physicians
  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmacy chains
  • Health facilities
Calls / Visits
(planning, reporting)
Sales data
(automatic consolidation)
  • Multiple wholesalers
  • Sell in, sell out, competitors
  • Turnover targeting and tracking
  • Units sold
  • Marketing and detailing
  • Merchandising
  • Products and samples
  • Potential and engagement
(to wholesalers)
  • B2B Integration
  • Rebates and discounts
  • Order rules
  • Unified order placement

Key Advantages

  • All business processes are in one place
    Planning and reporting of calls and activities, placing orders, sales data, analyzing, targeting, profiling and classification of physicians and pharmacies (potential, loyalty, engagement and more).
  • Automatic consolidation of sales data (sell in/sell out) from different channels (wholesalers, pharmacy chains)
    100% accurate sales data about pharmacies, pharmacy chains, products and territory units is available in the service.
  • The representatives have operational access to the results of their work
    They oversee the sales data in their territory units by products and pharmacies.
  • The data is structured and ready for complex analysis
    The data model allows representatives to select the information they register in the service and limits free text input.
  • Management of diverse accounts (physicians, pharmacies) in a uniformed way

Call Planning and Reporting

  • The representatives register a call (planned or reported) in less than 2 minutes
  • High level of granularity/detail in the reporting of calls to physicians and pharmacies
    ✓ Product priority/weight during the call
    ✓ Product presentations
    ✓ Marketing messages (topics, proposals, invitations) and the physician's response
    ✓ Giving of samples, gifts, marketing and other materials
    ✓ Marketing and merchandising activities in pharmacies
    ✓ Products and product packages (discounts, rebates) activities (requests, orders)
    ✓ Joint visits (with manager)
  • General plan (per representative)
    The total number of the planned calls/visits by period, HCPs and pharmacies, health facilities and territory units. Call frequency by potential and engagement.
  • Easy planning and fast on-site reporting of calls and call activities (marketing and merchandising) to physicians and pharmacies
  • General planning (per representative) of the total number of the planned calls/visits by period, HCPs and pharmacies, health facilities and territory units. Call frequency by potential and engagement.
  • Consolidated sales data by pharmacies, territory units and products

Analyzes and Reports

  • Reports
    The service allows any kind of reports on physicians, pharmacies, health facilities, pharmacy chains, sales, calls activities during calls, account potentials (potential, loyalty, engagement and more). The data in the reports may be filtered, grouped and aggregated (by sum, count, average, minimum, maximum).
  • Correlation reports
    Comparison of random variables (example: "sales" and "number of calls to physicians", "call activities" and "sales" and more). Managers and representatives are provided with a tool that allows them to find correlation between call activities (marketing, merchandising) and results (sales).
  • Trend reports
    The report data is compared by period (week, month, quarter, year and more).
  • Visual presentation of report data
    ✓ Graphic charts
    ✓ Tables
    ✓ Files for downlaod
    ✓ Export to spreadsheet (Excel, Open Office Calc)
  • Reports for calls, sales and call activities (general, aggregate, correlational, trend)
  • Reports for calls, sales and call activities (general, aggregate, correlational, trend)
  • Grouping and filtering of reports by different criteria, including:
✓ Pharmacy chains
✓ Health facilities
✓ Wholesalers
✓ Cities
✓ Regions
✓ Products
✓ Activities
✓ Departments
✓ Representatives
✓ Specialties
✓ Potential
✓ Period
   … and more
  • Easy access to calls and events via the calendar
  • Adaptive (responsive) multi-language user interface that allows using the service on all type of devices: notebook, PC, tablet or smartphone

More Advantages

  • No initial investment
    The service is cloud based. No costs for IT infrastructure (servers, hosting, licenses) or IT personnel.
  • Service adaptable to organizational and market changes
    The service is suitable for companies with complex territory management that allows to strategically group and rearrange accounts, for companies that need multiple user roles with different responsibilities, activities and fine grained access.
  • Reducing the company's risk of becoming a hostage to the direct relationship between a representative and an account (physician, pharmacist)
    The entire history of the relationship between the company and the account is available and accessible.
  • Personal data (accounts, users) management (GDPR)
    Compliance signing directly on the representative's device. Preview, export, historical data and anonymization.
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  • Price per user / per month
  • Price includes:
    ✓ Access to the full functionality of the service, including all future updates and improvements
    ✓ Full support, including consultation and settings
    ✓ Unlimited number of users with managed access rights
    ✓ Initial import / complex data migration
    ✓ Training
    ✓ Initial setup of the service, including users, products, territory management and more
    ✓ Data processing agreement (DPA), privacy and data access policies
    ✓ Monitoring and daily archiving of data
  • The price depends on number of users and payment method (quarterly, bi-annually, annually)

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