1. Corporate service
    2. Business processes based on "best practices"
    3. Adaptive to business changes
    4. Storage and run queries of large volume
      of operational data
    5. No IT infrastructure required
    6. Optimized for all type devices
    7. Constantly evolving and upgrading
    1. Territory management
    2. Planning and setting targets
    3. Reporting activities with accounts
    4. Classification, targeting, and customer assessment
    5. Automatically merge of sales data
    6. Analyzes and reports
    7. Geolocation and GPS monitoring
    1. Role based access control
    2. GDPR compliance
    3. SSL certificate
    4. Logs - tracking users activities (access, delete records)
    5. Confidentiality policy
    6. Data access policy
    7. Best coding practices
    8. No cookies and external libraries
    1. Monthly fee based on number of users
    2. No costs for IT infrastructure
      (servers, hosting, licenses)
    3. No need of IT staff
    4. Full online support
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For managers, medical and sales representatives in pharmaceutical companies, that do marketing/detailing of drugs, OTCs, food supplements and cosmetics, report calls and call activities (marketing and merchandising) to physicians and pharmacies, manage and analyze sales data and place orders to wholesalers.

Direct results
The data is structured and ready for complex analysis, consolidated sales data from different channels, call activities and sales results reports, call reporting in less than 2 minutes, satisfied and more productive employees, no initial investment, no technology costs.

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Service profile


Specifics is a business process management tool for representatives (sales force and field force) for building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers (medical professionals and pharmacies). offers to the Managers and Representatives tool for:

  • Visit scheduling and reporting.
  • Register activities during a visit.
  • Account classification, quantitative and qualitative assessment.
  • Product, territorial, geographic and time management in business relationships.
  • Adapting to changes in organization and market environment.
  • Analysis of the current state and changes in the business environment and its dimensions.
  • Sales data management.
  • Create and manage your own reports.

Business Logic

The basis of are business objects that allow each company to set the system to its own processes.

Registration of interactions and changes in the status of business objects.

Business objects are analyzed in the long run and in different aspects. can be used as an indicator of sudden changes and a tool for analyzing smooth business status changes as well.

Main Objects:

  • Calls (Visits)
  • Plans
  • Accounts (customers - medical professionals and pharmacies)
  • Contacts
  • Organizations (healthcare facilities and pharmacies)
  • Addresses
  • Territories
  • Products
  • Sales
  • Users
  • Calendars
  • Reports

Problem areas

Managing and maintaining complex organizational structures - product, territorial, geographic, customer oriented or mix.

Key customers can be easily identified and maintained in the long run.

High level of granularity in visits planning and reporting.

Adaptable to organizational and market changes.

Reducing the company's risk of becoming a hostage to the direct relationship between a Representative and a customer.

Easy and fast on-site reporting.

Modern, easy-to-use, preferred tool for everyday work of representatives.

Sales data from different sources is automatically consolidated.

Managers have flexible setting, analyzing and experimenting options

All business processes are in one place - planning, reporting, analyzing, monitoring.

Abstract objects



The accounts are an abstract unit with which the company has relationships and which representatives visit periodically.

The company can treat as an account any significant real-world object.

Example: medical professionals, pharmacies, beauty salons, healthcare facilities, private persons

Abstraction of the Account is a powerful tool. Inherent to Abstraction is uncertainty that is mastered by two other business objects:

  • Contacts
  • Organizations

"Contact" is a physical person. One or more contacts can be part of an account.

Example: dentist with 1 contact, pharmacy with 5 contacts, GP with 2 contacts

"Organization" is an account structure (one or several) and their contacts. The account hierarchy is managed by the organization.

Example: SERDIKA Medical Center with 500 accounts, private clinic with 5 accounts - medical professionals, 10 contacts in hierarchy, a private cabinet with 1 account, a chain pharmacies with 50 accounts - pharmacies



The Territory is an abstract unit that allows the company to strategically group and rearrange accounts.

It is the tool by which the company creates, guides and manages its unique organizational structure.

Example: product and geographically-oriented organization, by geographic and account type, geographic only

In, territories are linked to two other business objects:

  • Territory basic unit
  • Territorial groups

Territory basic units contain smaller set of aggregate accounts but more measurable and recognizable to the company as potential, market share and effort required to achieve the objectives.

Territorial groups are globalizing territories for the purposes of analytical reports.

The number of managers, representatives and their workload is determined by the territories mainly.



Products are an abstract unit - the main reason for representatives to visit accounts.

The concept of product is generic for all tangible and intangible purposes and activities of the company targeting the accounts in relation to a particular product group or services.

Example: OTC drug brand, product group

In abstract products are completed and identified using other business objects:

  • Physical products (marketing items)
  • Physical products (product items)
  • Product topics

Physical products are specific tangible objects for which the representatives registers action.

Example: provided physical unit of product sample, specialized magazine, advertising material

Product topics are marketing messages and suggestions made during a visit with contact of account.

Systematization of multiple physical products and product topics at takes place through an additional level of categorization.

Planning and setting targets


Personal (individual) plans plans the number of visits per representative for a period of time.

Planning simultaneously in one or more of the representative's territories.

The service provides planning tools with different granularity:

  • Planning total visits
  • Planning visits account by account
  • Planning daily visits by organizations (healthcare facilities)
  • Planning daily visits by territory basic units
  • Planning visits frequency based on the accounts potential, loyality, importance, etc.

Automatic plan analysis

Plans are automatically linked with visits by criteria for the period.

The service analyzes and marks the planned and the unplanned visits.


Joint planning

The service can be set up to enable joint planning of managers and representatives.

Planning goes through the following stages:

  • Create a plan (1)
  • Plan the number of visits with different granularity (2)
  • Schedule the visits to accounts (3)

Stages 2 and 3 can be performed together.

Reporting account visits


Calls is a tool for qualitative and quantitative recording of information about accounts visits.

Thanks to the interface and responsive design of the system, registering visits are just a few clicks away.

Some of the basic information that the visit provided is:

  • Date
  • Account
  • Territory
  • Address
  • Accounts attending
  • Products
  • Organization
  • Additional notes

The reporting process is further facilitated by the means of pre-setting (scheduling) visits.

The service provides rules restricting entry and editing of objects in time.

Example: can not create a past visit, a completed visit can not be edited



At, in addition to basic information about accounts visits, the representatives registers other essential actions.

The visit has two business aspects - products and contacts that provide a high level of granularity of the report.

Some of the activities are:

Registration of the presented products during the visit to one or more contacts.

Weighting for each product. The weight is an abstract concept and can be time, priority, rate or another.

Registering messages or topics discussed, as well as contact feedback.

Physical products, samples, gifts, etc., as well as the contact that has accepted them.

Registration of joint visits with managers as well as the reason for co-visits.


Classification, targeting, and customer assessment

At, any substantial change of accounts is made by representatives and managers in a timely manner.

The service provides tools for managing profiles, specialities and characteristics and classifying of accounts by them.

Example: specialties, practices, age group of patients. provides tools to assess the relation of the account to the company and its products.

Example: ABCD approach for evaluating account or account by product

More key features and technology


Analyzes and reports

The service provides tools for managing and adjusting various types of reports by dimensions (business objects).

Some of the reports are displayed with graphics (line, bar and pie charts).


Sales provides data management tools for a variety sources of Sales Data (distributors, chains, etc.).

Sales data from different sources are consolidated (merged) automatically upon entry into the system.

Saves one week work of Data Steward each month (according to customer survey) and minimizes the likelihood of human error or results distortion.


Orders provides an unified tool for placing orders for pharmacies to the wholesalers.

This functionality combines the various communication channels provided by the wholesalers.

Example: Phoenix Pharma B2B API, Sting B2B API, E-mail communication, etc.


Merchandising photos

Sales representatives can take pictures at the pharmacies with their mobile devices and upload the pictures directly to

This tool complements the reporting of merchandising activities and allows companies to track whether the agreements they have with pharmacies and pharmacy chains are being met. provides tools for easy filtering and viewing the photos taken by the representatives.


Data import provides tools for importing data from external sources.

The service offers several key import strategies.


Geolocation and GPS provides tools for maintaining the geolocation of addresses.

The service also provides tools for periodic import of GPS data. (under development)

The combination of both is a powerful tool for analyzing the performance of planned and reported account visits.


GDPR compliance provides tools for managing personal data and data subject's rights. covers:

  • The right of rectification
  • The right of access, including a history of changes
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right of data portability
  • The right to erasure (the "right to be forgotten")

Technological aspect

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud-based Service
  • Sales / Field Force Management (SFM/FFM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Domain-driven Design (DDD)
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Responsive design - optimized for all type devices

designed for comfortable handling on desktop and mobile devices


per user / per month
Full functionality
  • Free trial period
  • Standard data transfer and disk storage
  • Consultation for initial import of complex data
  • Initial online training for a key business user (admin)
  • Service settings, including users and reports
  • Online support

Suitable for companies of all sizes.

  • Training of new employees
  • Analysis and tracking process implementation
  • Update data on request
  • Periodic data import

10% of net income is donated to charity.