✓ Available as software as a service (SaaS)

  • Cost-effective cloud service
  • Optimized for all types of devices
  • Native language support
  • No initial investment
  • No additional IT infrastructure is required
  • 1.5 months implementation period
100% accurate sell-in sales data Full HCP(s) relationship history Data-Driven field force management

✓ Out of the box

  1. Visits reporting and planning (face to face, digital)
  2. Activities reporting (marketing, detailing, merchandising)
  3. Sales data consolidation (sell in, sell out, competition)
  4. Unified order placement (to wholesalers)
  5. Sales targets (volume, revenue)
  6. Maintaining of complex and dynamic territory management
  7. HCPs (physicians, pharmacists), pharmacies, pharmacy chains, health facilities database management
  8. Potential, engagement, loyalty, satisfaction segmentation (single and multi-factor)
  9. Analytical reports (general, aggregate, correlational, trend)
  10. Contextual dashboards (KPIs, formulas, predictions)

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For your company

Streamlined business processes: All your essential business processes consolidated into one platform.

Stronger relationships: Build and maintain long-term, fruitful relationships with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Complete history access: Gain insights into the entire relationship history between representatives and HCPs.

Key account identification: Easily identify and prioritize key accounts for strategic growth.

Modern and user-friendly: Utilize a modern, user-preferred tool for daily operations.

For managers

Rapid response to market dynamics: Organizational changes and market changes are easily and immediately applied into the service.

Simultaneous strategies: Execute multiple marketing strategies simultaneously for maximum impact.

Sales data consolidation: Seamlessly collect, combine and streamline sales data, including sell-in, sell-out and competitive sales data, from various sources to gain comprehensive market performance insights.

For representatives

Rapid reporting: Report physician or pharmacy visits in under 2 minutes, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Simplified input: Minimize manual text input with intuitive dropdown options.

Detailed reporting: Provide data on detailing and merchandising activities with a high level of precision.

Unified ordering: Unified order placement (for pharmacies and drug stores) with various wholesalers.

Achieving sales targets: Instant access to primary sales data and achieved results.


Data analyses and reports

Gain access to unlimited dynamic reports, including general, aggregate, trend and correlational reports.

Enhance data presentation with self-explanatory interactive charts.

Easily manage analytical data with export, copy, order and filter tools.

Intuitive dashboards and KPI(s)

Enjoy individual live access to a set of contextually relevant analytical data expertly presented using interactive charts and tables.

Merge and compare various types of analyses and data in one place, where key performance indicators are well managed and displayed.

Rep2b Pharma CRM Analytics

Visits / Sales calls

Visits reporting

Our visit report interface optimizes the process for representatives, enabling them to submit detailed visit reports quickly and accurately.

Thanks to capabilities such as auto-loading data and dropdown menus, representatives can complete reports with ease.

Core data of the visit is automatically populated, including the physician's or pharmacy's name, territory unit, address, health facility, pharmacy chain and more.

Representatives only need to input essential visit-specific information:

  • Products (brand/generic names) and their priorities during the visit.
  • Topics, proposals, invitations made to the HCP, along with the corresponding responses/reactions.
  • Details about samples, promotional materials, marketing aids and gifts provided to the HCP.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data, along with images (photos), for detailing and merchandising activities.
  • Type of visit (face-to-face or digital).
  • Information about joint (co) visits.
  • Representative's notes.

Visits planning

The company can align its medical and sales reps' strategies with various "visits planning" approaches provided by our service. These approaches include:

General "Visits Planning": Representatives can submit the total number of planned visits for a short future period (e.g., week or month) based on either dates and health facilities or dates and territory units.

Frequency-based "Visits Planning": Representatives can plan visits for an extended future period (e.g., month or quarter), specifying only the frequency at which they will visit HCPs and pharmacies based on their potential or engagement levels.

Detailed "Visits Planning": This approach enables representatives to plan day by day within a short future timeframe (e.g., a week), selecting the targeted pharmacies and HCPs they intend to visit.

Rep2b Pharma CRM Visits


Sales data

Automatically consolidate regularly received sales data from various sources including wholesalers, pharmacy chains, internal sources, etc.

The automatic consolidation process significantly reduces the time spent by managers and data analysts, ensuring that sales data becomes available to all users immediately and 100% accurately.

Support various types of sales data, including sell in, sell out, rebates, discounts and competition.

Help managers and representatives track their performance, by providing them with structured information on quantities and turnovers within their territories, including distributions by pharmacies, pharmacy chains, territory units and more.

Sales targets

Sales volume targets and sales revenue targets are supported.

Effectively manage both short-term and long-term sales targets, with progress automatically calculated when sales data becomes available.

Setting sales targets easily at different levels, including representatives, territories, and pharmacies, to align with your specific strategies.


Unified Ordering: Effortlessly place pharmacy orders through integration with various wholesalers, major pharmacy chains and internal systems.

Rule-based rebates and discounts: Enhance order accuracy and eliminate errors through an easily managed global rules environment.

Order templates: Optimize high-volume order placement with predefined templates.

Targeting healthcare professionals (HCPs) and Pharmacies

Assessing overall potential

Evaluate HCPs and pharmacies based on their overall potential and company's ability to leverage that potential.

Determine the specific categories used for classification, allowing the representatives and managers to identify and prioritize targets with high overall potential.

Focus the detailing and selling efforts of the representatives on HCPs and pharmacies with high levels of potential and engagement. This strategic approach ensures a high frequency of visits to these valuable targets.

Single-factor and multi-factor segmentation

Categorize HCPs and pharmacies using either a single qualitative variable, such as overall potential (e.g., A, B, C, D) or multiple categorical variables that correspond to the level of engagement, patient volume, loyalty, satisfaction, and more.

Reclassify HCPs and pharmacies periodically or promptly if there is a change in their attitude toward the company or its products.

Rep2b Pharma CRM Targeting HCPs and Pharmacies

Product portfolio

Brand/generic names and SKU(s)

The company's product portfolio plays an essential role in effectively managing and analyzing sales, orders and visits data as a whole.

Enhance your visits reporting, detailing, and merchandising activities by organizing the company's stock-keeping units (SKUs) into brand or generic name groups.

Easily analyze sold quantities and turnovers at the brand, generic name, SKU or SKU group level across various dimensions such as territories, territory units, pharmacies, pharmacy chains, reps and more.

Rebates and discounts

Manage rebates (natural, nominal) and volume discounts, allowing representatives to utilize them while placing orders or reporting activities.

Define your unique set of rules to establish a customized order placement framework while minimizing the risk of human errors.

Marketing materials

Optimize your marketing strategies and efforts by effectively managing samples, promotional materials, marketing aids and gifts.

Effortlessly manage marketing materials on a campaign basis, ensuring representatives have access to and use only the most current and relevant resources.

More advantages and features

Highest level of abstraction

Most of the base entities in the service are abstract and the companies can define them according to their specific needs to adapt their business processes more easily.

Some examples:

The "Account" entity could be at the same time HCP or Pharmacy. It is difficult to treat them in the same manner in the real world, but it is necessary from business perspective, and it is possible in the service.

The "Organization" entity can simultaneously be a Healthcare facility associated with HCPs accounts working in it or a "Pharmacy chain" assigned only to the related pharmacies accounts.

The "Sell" entity could represent various sales-related data (sell-in, sell-out, rebate, discount, competitors, etc.). Combine and compare sales data, turning it into a powerful analytical tool for informed decision-making.

Effort distribution

Pharma companies dynamically design and manage the territories of representatives based on the field force size and the efforts need to be made.

HCPs and pharmacies can be arranged and rearranged to the territory units by geographical location, relevance to the company's portfolio, key accounts and any other significant criteria.

Entirely web-based

Representatives and managers use the service anywhere, anytime, and on all type of devices with internet access (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops).

The service is accessible through a web browser and there is no need for periodic device-based updates. The representatives and managers are using always the most updated version.

GDPR compliance

Personal data and data subject's rights like the right of rectification, the right of access (including a history of changes), the right to restrict processing, the right of data portability and the right to erasure (the "right to be forgotten") are completely manageable in the service.


At the core of our service, we adhere to the highest coding standards, creating a secure and encapsulated environment.

We maintain a cookie-free and external libraries-independent ecosystem, ensuring your data's utmost security.

Pricing model

The pricing model is tailored to your needs, based on the number of users and your preferred subscription period (annually, semi-annually or quarterly).

We allocate 10% of our net income to charitable causes.

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